Winter Sports Galore

The world at large is host to eight different kinds of winter sports, and each is divided into different categories. While some of the sports are more obscure, others remain extremely popular.

Ice Skating1024px-kiss_the_ice

Figure skating and speed skating are about how beautifully and how fast you can skim across the ice in your bladed boots.


The largest category of winter sports in which winter sportsmen and –women get to perform a number of competitive tasks on skis: from ski archery to snow kiting, winter pentathlon to speed skiing.


In specialties such as bobsled, dogsled, luge, skeleton and wok racing, the sportsman uses a sled to compete on plotted tracks at great speed.


Slalom and boardercross – a race for snowboarders down a course with obstacles, as well as Alpine snowboarding, slopestyle and snow skating are all part of this field.


This sport is associated with snocross, the cold version of motocross, as well as freestyle, recreational, cross country and hill climbing.

Team Sports

Ever heard of ice rugby, snow snake, curling, and broomball? Snow snake is a Native American game where competitors throw a wooden ‘snow snake’ a distance in a sports field; curling involves the sliding of stones on an ice surface and broomball is similar to ice hockey, but a broom is used instead of a hockey stick, which makes it sound a bit like something out of Harry Potter. Other winter team sports include synchronized ice skating and ice hockey.

Other Competitive Sports in the Cold

Then there are winter sports that don’t fit any of these categories: ice climbing, snow canoeing, cross country running in snow and snow-biking; and recreational sports, which curiously include pastimes such as snowman building, ice swimming, tobogganing and shiny, the name for an informal kind of street ice hockey. Probably this category is the least popular in terms of betting, but one never knows.

The fascinating thing about winter sports is they aren’t all directly competitive as in race-bound or goal-bound. Sometimes these sports blend aesthetics and artistry and they are assessed by judges.

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